BONUS RECIPE! banana pancakes!!



This is not a full recipe. It's more of a little secret. So, lean in and listen close. 

What's the best part of a banana pancake? THE BANANA!

So, it's always so tragic when you order a tall stack of banana pancakes and get a pile of pancakes with just a few random banana slices spread around unevenly within each plate-sized pancake. You know your favorite bites are the ones that with banana... and there is never enough of those bites.

Lean in closer, now. Listen up because I'm about to drop some knowledge. Instead of mixing slices of banana into the batter and making regular pancakes as usual. Next time, slice up your banana. Dip each slice individually in your batter and fry them up, making little cute banana-slice-sized banana pancakes. 

I first made these for my kids when they were toddlers, but the rest of my family has since fallen in love with them. And if you like a little pancake with your banana, you will, too! Feel free to try to make alternate versions with different fruit-- I've made them with peaches and they were amazeballs. Let me know how you like them... peaches? bananas? with syrup? with jam?